Welcome to AccuFrame Systems

The 'AccuFrame Systemâ„¢ has embarked on a bold and creative mission to be the first software application to make the framing process virtually error and waste free on the construction site! Synergy between the rough framer and 'visual building templates' perhaps best describes how AccuFrame Systemâ„¢ enhances the on-site building environment to reduce human error and eliminate waste.

When we unite the entire construction event from every phase of designer, engineer, and framing carpenter into a building team, real synergy and integration is achieved. AccuFrame makes this connection to the on-site process possible with easy to use framing templates. The framing templates drive productivity up and waste down, while reducing building cycles by pre-positioning every framing member.


Build Cheaper

The AccuFrame System reduces your largest cost: Labor. AccuFrame's visual templates allow even less experience workers to frame like a master carpenter all day, every day!

Build Faster

The AccuFrame System saves you time as well as money. Fifteen percent or more in reduced framing cycles translates to immediate ROI while adding greater accuracy and quality control accelerating your building success.

Build Greener

AccuFrame helps the environment by dictating energy efficient framing methods on-site, consequently, homeowners will decrease energy consumption throughout the life cycle of their home.